THE ENGLISH CLASS 5th A-B 11th and 12th of May

THE ENGLISH CLASS 5th A-B 11th and 12th of May


On Thursday , Laura, Carmelo. Tomás, David , Pablo and me brought things from other countries too.

We explained where they were from and who brought them to us.

Andrea Esperón 5ºA

The English class 5ºB 12th of May

Today in teacher´s Mela class we went to the computers room.

I played with three games.

The first game was similar to the “oca” game in Spanish.

The second game was a puzzle of a church.

The third game was to get a star that walked to get money.

This game was better than the first game.

Noelia 5ºB

In The English and Galician language we did many activities .

In English we finished the activities from Monday lesson.

Then, we went to the computers room and we went into the BLOG.

We played there with  the game “percorrido por Europa” of "Europa go"

I played and it was very funny.Matías 5ºB


THE ENGLISH CLASS 5th A-B Wednesday 10th of MAY

Today we  brought objects from another countries ,.

She told us to put them on the table and after this, she took out photos.

Later, we went to the computers room .

We went to nen@s de alvarez Limeses and we played with a game we have to move a helicopter and go to four countries, can´t crash into the airplanes.

Carmela Omil 5ºA

Today in the English class, we brought souvenirs and things from Europe and other continents in the world and Mela took photos.

We have lesson six from the activity book as homework. 

We dididn´t go to the computers room.

We copied vocabulary about animals houses´from lesson 6Mercedes 5ºA

We brought things from other countries.

 I brought a jar.

 Tomás brought things from Scotland.

Carmelo brought an animal from Sahara.

She took photos .

David Filgueira 5ºA

Diario de 5ºA-B Inglés.

Diario de 5ºA-B  Inglés.


Today some pupils brough objects from other countries.

Sandra brough things from America too."

“...Miguel asked teacher Mela if tomorrow we could still bring things from other countries  and she answered .

Andrea Esperón 5ºA

"Noelia , Daniel and Diego read their English diaries.

Diego wrote his diary in the BLOG."

Matías. 5ºB

"Teacher Mela didn’t come to our class and she left other teachershomework  to work in their lessons.

Teacher Teresa and The Religion teacher, helped us to find some European countries in the Europe map."

Diego Santos 5ºB

“..We worked with the activity book .

The lesson was about animals.

I remembered some animals: for example zebra, crocrodile, “hamster”….


Clase de Inglés 5ºA-B II

Clase de Inglés 5ºA-B II

Today it´s Thursday the 4th of May.

The weather is sunny. It´s SPRING.

“ Today, in the English class,teacher showed us Eric Carle´s book of dragons.

Then, she told us we had to finish the book.

We corrected the diary on the blackboard.

After this, we went to the computers room and we entered into the BLOG.

Sandra Pérez Bruno 5ºA

“Today we talked about the last diary.

Then we went to Internet and we visited our Blog.

We studied more English verbs.

We finished the Unit two “My town”.

María David  5ºA

“At the computers room we saw the flags from European Union countries:

Spain, Italy, Latvia, Germany, United Kingdom...

I like Poland. In winter the weather is cold and cloudy.

In Spain, in Winter, it is hotter than Poland.

My friend Iria likes Greece. There are a lot of sculptures.”

Noelia 5ºB 



Today , teacher Mela wrote information about computers published on the 21st of April D.O.G.A on the blackboard .

My teacher said it was VERY IMPORTANT to coment it at home.

We copied it on our notebooks and we completed the exercises from unit 4.

 Then, she wrote some vocabulary from the unit"I´m better today".

She also said we were going to finish our Activity books by the 15th of May.

 Mela told us to make some pictures for our "Holidays letters book" at home.

 She comented  that "comentarios section" in the BLOG, was temporarilly closed.

 We have to study the names of "illnesses" in English for tomorrow.

 To finish, she said that tomorrow we are going to the Computers room.

                                                           Paula Baena 5th A