The English class 6th A-B Thursday the 11th of MAY

The English class 6th A-B Thursday the 11th of MAY

Today in the English class , teacher Mela told us whah she was going to do wih the photos.

She wanted to prepare an activity using CLIC to remember these countries, and family members.

She said we could make a "Power point presentation" too.

 Then she told us the homework priorities.

Three classmates showed us different things they brought.

Then Mela gave us a funny cooking recipe.

"Arguiñaño´s lemmon mousse"


4 lemmon yoghourts

half a litre of liquid cream.


a lemmon peel


First open the yoghourts .

Put them in a bowl.

In other bowl or mixing glass, make the whipped cream.

Add sugar and the lemmon yoghourts.

Mix them softly with a spoon.

Then add the lemmon peel.


Tuesday the 9th of MAY by 6th A-B

Tuesday the 9th of MAY  by 6th A-B

 Today , in The English class, a class mate showed us some things from different countries.

She brought a Mexican hat, stickers from England, a doll-necklace from Russia....

Teacher Mela wrote on the blackboard the twentyfive countries from The European Comunity.

Later she explained we have to make sentences with every country.

We have to write its situation in Europe, the name of its inhabitans and the language-s they spoke.

The teacher wrote an example an we copied it:

"Spain is in the Soutwest of Europe.

It´s between Portugal and France.

 People are Spanish.

They speak Spanish"

 Moreover, Mela ordered some exercises from the activity book for homework.

She also showed us a work about BUGS, from a 4th level pupil.

Next, we went to the computers room.

There we visited a link in our blog.It was "Europa go!" , games to learn about Europe.

The goal of the game was to travel by helicopter visitting different cities in Europe.

It was very difficult!

Elena Pérez 6ºB

Friday the fifth of MAY 2006

 Today, in the English class, teacher Mela told us  that on Tuesday the 9th it´s Europe day.

On tuesday we are going to bring souvenirs from Europe trips.

Then se made ascheme on the balckboard "Diaries emergency kit".

First Mela wrote 12 or 15 verbs for the sentences on the blackboard.

Second se added the subjects. T ( teacher) , S ( students).

Then we read our sentences adding Complements.

Whith that, Mela made 12 sentences for the diary but we didn´t have to copy them.

At the end Mela explained some Grammar for the homework.

It´s about SUGGESTIONS using:

Let´s + Infinitive

Ex Let´s go to the cinema

What about + gerund/ Noun Phrase

Ex What about going to the cinema/ What about the cinema?

 We are going to finish Lesson 3 from the Activity Book, and Lesson 17  in "Grammar Time" to review "going to".

María Pena 6ºB



Today teacher Mela gave us some notes. Those were about sentences order.

We went to 6th A classroom. There, she wrote on the blackboard using different colours. 

First ,Mela wrote the SUBJECTS .

 Next ,she wrote the ( AUXILIARS).

 After this ,she wrote the VERB forms: (Infinitive , gerund and participle).

The she explained the COMPLEMENTS order (“maleta”).

These instructions were for negative and afirmative sentences.

Afterwards, Mela wrote on the blackboard  the WH-QUESTIONS.

The wh-questions are: what,who, where,when, how, how much, how many, why and whose.

Moreover, the teacher wrote an example on the blackboard .

She wrote the esential words to make a sentence.

Finally we came back to our class.

It was a very nice lesson¡

Javier Varela Hernani 6ºB

MELA´S English class by 6th B

 Today, teacher Mela, our English teacher, told us we were going to use the "going to" form in our Diary.

 Later, she talked about  the school magazine.

 Besides, Mela said we were going to finish the Activity book by the 15th of May.

 She also said that we were going to tell stories to the Infant school children in June.

 We have to study "JOBS" from the Unit 2.

 Then we went to the Computers room. But some pupils stayed in the classroom to write their diary. The rest of the class visited our BLOG .

First, we clicked on ZOO DE VIGO link.

Then , Mela told us to select an animal name in Latin, "copiar" and "pegar"  it in GOOGLE and we looked for images.

 We could learn animals names in Spanish, Galician or English with this procedure, as all the languages share latin for the scientific animals names.