5th of June EARTH DAY

5th of June EARTH  DAY

  Today is Monday the 5th of June .


On this day we remember the 3Rs:




We were recycling in our lessons through all the scholar year:

Different materials for our crafts ( cereals cartons, eggs cartons, milk cartons, toilet paper rolls, paper bags, paper plates, used envelopes, papers from magazines or newspapers......etc).

Here you can find some samples to make at home.

In this way we could collaborate to preserve and respect the Enviroment  having a good time while practicing the 3Rs.

 All the books we are making for our Projects are made with recycled paper and recycling materials ( cereals carton, magazines papers and used envelopes)

and we used NATURE as the main topic to write them.

 They are really "growing" and this week we are going to make some more:

1st Grade students are going to work with Wild animals.

2nd Grade students are going to work with Sea animals.

3rd Grade students are going to work with Farm animals.

4th Grade students are going to work with Bugs.

5th Grade students are going to work with Animals in Danger, specially in Galicia.

6th Grade students are going to work with Birds in Gafos river .

Infant children are going to work with caterpillars as they are going to listen to "The very Hungry caterpillar"/"A eiruga Larpeira" story.

 We are going to practice Recycling  in all our lessons

 ( Galician, Language, Arts and Crafts, and English Lessons)

but the most important thing we recycled was previous knowledge from past lessons.

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Mela -

Anxo , copiamos na libreta os exemplos do encerado.

Imos facer frases como ensaiamos para o conto do "Chamaleon".

O que tes que repasar son:

Nomes de animais ( os dos compañeiros da clase).

Partes do corpo dos animalis.

Verbos de accións que fan os animais.

Adxetivos referidos a animais.

Temos tres modelos de frase que hai que completar con: verbo/
o sustantivo ( parte do corpo) según corresponda.

Debes ter os exemplos na libreta porque xa é a segunda vez que o facemos.

Veña que xa falta pouco!


PD: Non esquezas os papeis de revistas.

Anxo 4ºB -

Non collin nota moi clara do que teño que repasar para o tex do venres.