Clase de Inglés 5ºA-B II

Clase de Inglés 5ºA-B II

Today it´s Thursday the 4th of May.

The weather is sunny. It´s SPRING.

“ Today, in the English class,teacher showed us Eric Carle´s book of dragons.

Then, she told us we had to finish the book.

We corrected the diary on the blackboard.

After this, we went to the computers room and we entered into the BLOG.

Sandra Pérez Bruno 5ºA

“Today we talked about the last diary.

Then we went to Internet and we visited our Blog.

We studied more English verbs.

We finished the Unit two “My town”.

María David  5ºA

“At the computers room we saw the flags from European Union countries:

Spain, Italy, Latvia, Germany, United Kingdom...

I like Poland. In winter the weather is cold and cloudy.

In Spain, in Winter, it is hotter than Poland.

My friend Iria likes Greece. There are a lot of sculptures.”

Noelia 5ºB 

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