MELA´S English class by 6th B

 Today, teacher Mela, our English teacher, told us we were going to use the "going to" form in our Diary.

 Later, she talked about  the school magazine.

 Besides, Mela said we were going to finish the Activity book by the 15th of May.

 She also said that we were going to tell stories to the Infant school children in June.

 We have to study "JOBS" from the Unit 2.

 Then we went to the Computers room. But some pupils stayed in the classroom to write their diary. The rest of the class visited our BLOG .

First, we clicked on ZOO DE VIGO link.

Then , Mela told us to select an animal name in Latin, "copiar" and "pegar"  it in GOOGLE and we looked for images.

 We could learn animals names in Spanish, Galician or English with this procedure, as all the languages share latin for the scientific animals names.

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